Industry dynamic

Industry dynamic

2022-06-09 10:08:50

What are the subsurface pump materials

The commonly used metal materials of liquid pump are: cast iron, carbon steel, wear-resisting steel, 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, 904L stainless steel, 2205 duplex stainless steel, 2507 duplex steel, Cr30A, high purity aluminum, etc.

The common non-metallic materials of the pump are: PP, fluoroplastic, etc.

For different working conditions, different materials are used, such as conveying river water and domestic sewage, etc. Generally, cast iron hydraulic pump is used.

To transport the liquid sulfur, the 304 material is generally used to transport the acid and alkali. According to different temperatures, choose PP or fluoroplastic.

Transport special corrosive medium, such as concentrated nitric acid, generally 304L or high purity aluminum can be used,

Metal mining used under the pump, generally choose wear-resisting steel, some special conditions, such as desulfurization industry, will use high chromium alloy material.

And different working conditions, the fluid pump to use the sliding bearing material is not the same, commonly used materials are: graphite sleeve, alloy sleeve.

Transport liquid chlorine and other toxic, flammable and explosive medium, not only consider the problem of corrosion resistance, but also to do a good job under the pump sealing effect;

The working conditions are complex and changeable, so it is difficult to count them all. Therefore, when the customer selects a liquid pump, he must tell yamei group about the working conditions.

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